Transform mid-range cars into Ferrari and Aston Martin thanks to fiberglass

Transform mid-range cars into Ferrari and Aston Martin thanks to fiberglass


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  • The Police dismantled a network of workshops in Valencia that turned simple cars into apparent luxury vehicles.
  • For five times less than the original price of the car, the imitations passed for authentic thanks to the mastery of fiberglass.
  • The workshops offered replicas of cars worth 200,000 euros for 40,000.

 The workshops transformed cars into fake Ferraris to sell them on the black market. EFE

If you do not have the money to buy a luxury Ferrari, you may be tempted to entrust tuning experts who, for five times less than the original car, convert a Toyota or a Ford into an imitation that, by far, “I hit it completely” , although the spell is undone at close range.

What can also happen next is that the police discover the workshops in which this miraculous transformation is carried out, stop the supposed ‘tuners’ and seize the precious car. And they can still accuse you of receiving, which is what they are now analyzing.


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17 Ferrari and two Aston Martin were intervened, some already finished and others in the process of transformation. This is what happened a few days ago, when the police arrested eight people for a crime against industrial property for transforming mid -range cars into Ferrari and Aston Martin thanks to its expertise with fiberglass, which they molded to achieve the desired exterior shape.

17 Ferrari and two Aston Martin were intervened, some completely finished and others in the process of transformation, in two workshops in the Valencian towns of Algemesi and Albalat dels Sorells that apparently were exclusively dedicated to this business: offering car replicas worth 200,000 euros for 40,000.

This is the first operation of its kind to be carried out in Spain, and that Spanish researchers have proof, also in Europe, as explained this week by the inspector Mónica Dopico when she showed five of the cars seized.

When the agents broke into the workshops they found several workers, some of them newly hired, who had on the table a photo of one of the Ferrari models that was the only thing that apparently served as inspiration. They also knew that they had begun to imitate the latest Ferrari model available in the market.


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Transformed in just weeks

The cars that were finished, a job for which they were just a few weeks, had been sold and their owners had taken them to the workshop to repair them, since in addition to external touch-ups these vehicles needed maintenance because most are between ten and twelve years old. of antiquity.

Tunnel experts kept the original engine but changed the exterior with fiberglass Tunnel experts maintained the original engine but changed all the exterior with fiberglass, modified the internal design completely and made the logos of the prestigious brands to stick them in places corresponding.

Their main concern was the height of the vehicle, since it is the only thing they could not modify, and they had the “impudence” to ask for some official pieces from the original houses, although only exceptionally. The old ‘tuned’ cars were re-registered to hide their age.

“There is no possibility that any driver would think that he was buying a Ferrari or an Aston Martin, since the cars were sold as replicas and in the papers appear as Ford or Toyota” and they were also sold for a price five times lower than that of the originals , the inspector has asserted.

In his opinion, “people who use counterfeits simply want to pretend what they can not buy “, and from that eagerness the ones now arrested were used to keep the business, which they advertised through the internet, getting clients from different provinces.

The owners of the fake Ferrari and Aston Martin passed the ITV declaring the modifications that had been made to the vehicle, without hiding what they were.

“Circulating gives the hit completely, but not close, and an expert eye identifies the imitation perfectly,” summarized Dopico, who has shown how the ‘tuners’ even managed to imitate the roar of high-end cars.

All the detainees, seven Spaniards and one Romanian, are at liberty, although charged with an offense against industrial property , and now it is being considered whether the drivers will be charged with the offense of receiving them.