The fall in prices on used cars stabilizes

The fall in prices on used cars stabilizes


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  • The average cost of second-hand vehicles keeps its fall of 1.4%.
  • The difference with respect to Europe is already only 430 euros.
  • The ‘mileurista’ car consolidates as the main protagonist of the market.


The average price of second-hand cars in February registered a further decline of 1.4% , placing it in the vicinity of 12,620 euros.

The figures consolidate the vehicle ‘mileurista’ as the main protagonist of the market , with a growth of 14%, given the poor economic situation and lack of liquidity, as reflected by the European Observer of prices , prepared by the vehicle platform in the AutoScout24 network .

The average age of these cars was around seven years in February The study indicates that the average age of these cars was around seven years in February, while the filming rose to exceed 96,200 kilometers average , very close therefore of the patterns attributed to the mileurista car: more than ten years or 100,000 kilometers.

Not in vain, of the 265,107 second-hand cars sold until last month, according to Ganvam, more than 46% exceeded ten years , and only 20% were below three years old, these being precisely those that benefit the most, being less devalued.

In any case, this new fall in prices in February was less pronounced than in the whole of Europe , where the decline was around 2.3% in annual terms, dragged down by the collapse of tariffs in countries like Italy (-7, 2%).

In this way, the difference between the prices of Spain and the average of the continent (13,051 euros) was reduced to only 430 euros , one of the lowest registered to date.

Needs credit fluency


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The report by AutoScout24 points out that the fall in prices in Spain has stabilized during the last seven months , leaving behind the sharp drops of almost two digits in the worst moments of the crisis.

The fall slows down, leaving behind the sharp declines However, the market still continues to be weighed down by the progressive deterioration of the park , a direct consequence of the fall of new sales in recent years and the rise of mileurist cars.

In this way, for prices to begin to rebound, it is necessary that before there is a change in the economic climate and credit begins to flow again , something that seems unlikely according to the forecasts that predict the entry into a new recession during the next months.

In addition to the evolution of age and average taxiing, it is also quite significant the drop in the average displacement of used cars on sale (2,065 cm3, 4.1% less), while the power remained stable around the 138 horses.

Among the types of motorization, for its part, diesel remained the most popular option (67.1%) after increasing its market share by 2.3 points, thus increasing its difference with respect to gasoline vehicles (32 , 9%).

Canary Islands and the Basque Country, the highest prices


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By communities, the Canary Islands and Basque Country marked the highest average amounts at the end of last February, with 15,205 and 13,349 euros , respectively, while Extremadura (9,559 euros) and Castilla-La Mancha (11,594 euros) were the ones They presented lower prices.

The greatest decreases in prices occurred in Madrid and Andalusia The greatest decreases occurred in the Community of Madrid (-9.7%), Andalucía (-4.6%) , Canarias (-4.2%), Galicia (- 4.1%), Extremadura (-4%), Comunidad Valenciana (-3.9%), Cataluña (-1.5%) and the Region of Murcia (-0.7%).

In the opposite direction, the highest growth was registered in Cantabria (+ 7.6%), Navarre (+ 6.6%), Balearic Islands (+ 5.1%), Basque Country (+ 4%), Castilla y León ( + 2.8%), La Rioja (+ 2.3%), Asturias (+ 0.8%), Castilla-La Mancha (+ 0.7%) and Aragón (+ 0.2%).