Police inspect cars for stolen goods

Because the number of burglaries has risen again in South Holstein, the police wants to control more there. In the circles Pinneberg and Segeberg the officials want to stop more motorists and search their car for stolen goods or burglary tools. In the announced “stopping and visual checks” policemen are allowed to control motorists without any special reason. In the past two weeks alone, South Holstein has broken into 80 apartments and houses.

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Secure house and apartment against burglary


With the onset of the dark season, the danger of burglary also increases. But with the right behavior and modern safety technology, many burglars are deterred. more

Almost every second burglary attempt fails


Now the number of burglaries is increasing again. In September, for example, there were already significantly more slumps than in May. But: Every second burglary attempt has failed. more


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