Pawn of cars in Spain What is the best online offer?

Pawn of cars in Spain How to apply? 

The car pawn Do you know what it is? …

On more than one occasion I have talked about getting a loan using our car as a guarantee of payment of that loan.

This financial agreement is known as ” Pawn a car ” but this has many nuances because in Spain the commitment of cars is typified by law.

It is very important to know all the details of this non-bank financial product since our own vehicle is at stake.

Knowing these details will allow you to make the best decision if you see yourself in need of financing outside of banks.

Are you interested in knowing what is the commitment of cars in Spain? …

Index of contents of this article

  • What is car pawn?
  • Pawn shops of cars in Spain
    • GedesCoche
    • PrestaCar
    • Ibancar
  • How do the car pawn houses work?
  • Advantages of vehicle pawn
  • What do you have to know before pawning a car?
  • Alternatives to pawn your car
  • How to pawn the car online?
    • Guide to pawn a car
  • Pawn car without delivering
  • Pawn of cars over 10 years
  • Opinions on car pawn
  • Do you already know how to pawn your car on the Internet?

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What is car pawn?

If we want to understand exactly what the car endeavor is, we have to know a little about what the pawns are.

The verb pawn refers to the action of leaving something of one’s own as a guarantee of the return of a loan or the fulfillment of a commitment.

Once the obligation in question is satisfied, the person returns to take over the object entailed.

If we talk about pawning jewelry the person delivers their jewelry and gets a loan for them and when returning the borrowed money the person recovers his jewelry.

In the case of requesting credit for your car instead of pawning your jewelry or something else of value, you commit the title of your vehicle to obtain a quick loan in cash.

The title of your car is used to secure your loan as a guarantee.

But unlike a common pawnshop where you have to give your possession as collateral in deposit, the car pawn on almost every occasion allows you to use your car even after you have pawned it .

Of the commitment of vehicles without deposit I will talk to you later, let’s focus now on knowing the car pawn shops in Spain and how they work.

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Pawn shops of cars in Spain

What are known as car pawn shops are today more financial than they accept your vehicle as a guarantee of payment of a loan.

To obtain the highest degree of security possible I advise you to go to pawn shops of vehicles only duly registered.

Another option or alternative to traditional pawnshops are web platforms that offer the possibility of pawning your car online .

In this way you can access financing through a credit for your car on the Internet.

In Spanish territory we could talk about three main car pawn shops, which work in the online framework.

They offer their product online and part of the application process is processed online, let’s see what each of them offers.


The financial company GedesCoche belongs to the Gedesco group that was incorporated in Valencia on April 25, 2001.

GedesCoche operates as a car pawn shop through the Internet , offering its users the possibility of requesting their services comfortably from an Internet connection.

It operates throughout the peninsula with a high volume of business and being one of the most flexible when it comes to pawn your car.

The main features of this car pawn service are the following:

  • Maximum amount to request: € 10,000
  • Maximum age that they accept in vehicles: 10 years
  • You have to leave your vehicle in deposit: No
  • It has some cost to continue using your car: Yes
  • Accept users without payroll: Yes
  • Accept ASNEF and RAI: Yes
  • Maximum amount for your car: 50%
  • Change of Owner: YES
  • Amortizes Capital in installments: No
  • Coverage: Peninsula only

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These are the main characteristics of GedesCoche and its financial product, I have to say that in my opinion it is one of the best offers that can be found on the Internet today if you want to pawn your car.

What I like least about this car pawn service is that it does not work for the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands , if you find yourself in one of these locations this option will not work for you.


Another of the best known financial to get money for your car is PrestaCars, this company is a financial broker that helps you get money for your car through the Internet.

You have two ways to get that money, one can be pawning your car and another could be selling it.

If you are looking to sell your car with Prestacars it puts you in contact with buyers who are looking for what you sell. A way to get money for your car quickly.

With Prestacars Spain get the money you need in a simple way, your guarantee will be your car. You can continue enjoying it and forget the financial problems.

Let’s now know the main features of Prestacars and its vehicle pawn service:

  • Maximum amount to request: € 10,000
  • Maximum age that they accept in vehicles: 10 years
  • You have to leave your vehicle in deposit: No
  • It has some cost to continue using your car: Yes
  • Accept users without payroll: Yes
  • Accept ASNEF and RAI: Yes
  • Maximum amount for your car: 50%
  • Change of Owner: YES
  • Amortizes Capital in installments: No
  • Coverage: Peninsula only

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While it is true that this company is not one of the best known on the Internet to pawn your car if it is true that the option to sell it is also a plus in its service.

Taking into account its characteristics and that it is a broker you may be interested to know More about PrestaCars.


Now I will talk about another of the main financiers that pawn cars in Spain, it is the Ibancar company, this financial company is a registered trademark of Excom Salduba SL active since 2010 manages a customer portfolio of more than 30,000 users.

This company operates from Málaga and provides coverage throughout Spain (including Canary and Balearic Islands), specializing in mortgage loans secured by vehicles (vehicle pawn) give users excellent service.

Let’s see now the main features of this car pawn service:

  • Maximum amount to request: € 6,000
  • Maximum age that they accept in vehicles: 13 years
  • You have to leave your vehicle in deposit: No
  • It has some cost to continue using your car: No
  • Accept users without payroll: No
  • Accept ASNEF and RAI: Yes
  • Maximum amount for your car: 70%
  • Change of Owner: No
  • Amortizes Capital in installments: Yes
  • Coverage: All Spanish territory


If you tell me that highlights two of the best features of this product would say that on the one hand is that it accepts cars over 10 years and on the other hand that you can request a car commitment from anywhere in Spain.

If you are in the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands, you will surely appreciate this non-banking financial product.

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How do the car pawn houses work?

When you have an unexpected expense and do not have the cash to make ends meet, you have several options, even if your credit history is wrong or if you are in the ASNEF.

Car pawn loans can be just one option to consider until you can redirect your economy.

Not only can you avoid the process and the unpredictability of applying for a traditional loan at your bank, but you can usually get the cash quickly.

Maybe you’re wondering … How do the car pawn houses work?

For years, pawnshops have been represented as a last resort for desperate people looking for quick cash.

The reality is very different. Pawn brokers are licensed at the national, provincial and local levels and offer financial security to those who can not obtain a loan through a bank or other lending company.

Pawning a car through an authorized broker often does not require a credit check, and is fast and safe.

The recent economic downturn has led many people to wonder how to pawn their car to get money they need urgently .

When you pawn your vehicle, it is usually retained by the pawnshop until the loan amount is paid.

If you do not reimburse the total loan amount at the agreed time, the vehicle is lost and becomes the property of the store, which will then resell the car to recover your losses.

I encourage you to know the consequences of non-payment of a credit for your car and how to avoid those consequences.

NOTE: Remember that pawning your car means that if you do not pay the borrowed money you will definitely lose your car.

Advantages of vehicle pawn

Knowing the advantages of car pawning can help you tell if it can be interesting for you or not.

The main advantages are that you can apply for your loan regardless of the ASNEF or RAI, and in some pawnshops you do not need to show recurring income.

When you deliver your car as a guarantee of payment of a loan, it is normal that your outstanding debts do not matter.

Another very interesting advantage is that you can apply online, which will help you get your money quickly.

Unlike when other types of objects are pledged , when pawning a car it is not always necessary to leave it in deposit, some car pawn shops allow you to continue using it.

If you want to know more about this topic you can read the article that talks about the advantages of requesting money for your car on the Internet.

What do you have to know before pawning a car?

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You must keep in mind some things when you plan to pawn your car to get money .

There are pawnbrokers who will buy your car directly, but most are in business to offer collateral-based loans.

They plan to pay the loan amount with interest and return to recover your property.

The car pawn shops are designed to help you keep your car, while you use it to get extra money.

These pawn shops do not give loans for the total price of the vehicle, often only accept cars under 10 years and only give you a maximum of 50% of the sale value of the same.

All pawnshops are not the same. The price that a pawn shop offers for a vehicle can vary based on many factors, even if they have similar vehicles as collateral and what percentage of real value they offered for it.

So it is highly recommended to get more than one offer before deciding with whom to pawn your car.

Another thing to keep in mind before saying pawn your vehicle is to be very clear that if you do not pay the loan you will totally lose the vehicle.

This is not a game, nor are there excuses, if you do not pay you lose ownership of your car.

Learn everything you need to know before pawning a car to get fast money without importing ASNEF. Click to tweet

Alternatives to pawn your car

It is possible that you are thinking that in your case it is not a good idea to pawn your car to get money , this is completely legitimate.

Let’s see now some alternatives to pawn your car to get the money you need quickly.

If you have decided that you do not want to apply for a loan for your car and you need more than € 1,000, the other option you have is online loans.

To give you an example, if you are in the ASNEF and you are looking for a loan of € 4,000 and you do not have an endorsement, you could apply for a loan in MONEDO.

Monedo is an online finance company that accepts users with ASNEF registration if this registration does not belong to a non-payment for financing products.

Get more information about this online financial ➜ Currency

Another plausible alternative for not having to pawn your car may be to use a property as collateral.

If you need more than € 5,000 and you have a house you could get a loan up to € 300,000, regardless of whether you are in the ASNEF.

With more than 10 years of experience in Europe, Suizainvest is a private equity financial institution specialized in the granting of loans with mortgage guarantee at a national level, which operates with offices in Barcelona and Madrid.

Suizainvest is registered with the Spanish Consumer Agency, which guarantees compliance with Law 2/2009, of May 31, which regulates the contracting of mortgage loans and intermediation services with consumers.

The advantages of this financial are many, let’s see some of them:

  • The money is transferred to the client’s bank account in a few minutes, without paperwork or guarantees.
  • The entire process is done 100% online.
  • Identification of the user through Facebook or Linkedin.
  • They offer adequate payment terms of 35 days.
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • Operational through secure data verification and payment methods.

Suizainvest offers financial solutions that adapt to your personal needs and also takes into account the urgency of the moment.

Get more free information now ➜ Suizainvest

As you can appreciate there are alternatives to the commitment of your vehicle, you just have to decide which is more interesting in your case.

How to pawn the car online?

If after analyzing the alternatives to the commitment of cars you have decided that none can help you, let’s take another step and learn how to pawn the car online safely.

At this point I want to be very clear, many users write me asking how you can pawn a car on the Internet , and today I want to give an answer that everyone can understand.

Discover what are the requirements to get money for your car through the Internet in less than 48 hours.

I have created a guide to pawn a car through the Internet and do it safely and not be scammed or cheated in the attempt.


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Guide to pawn a car

In this practical guide we will analyze one by one the steps to follow to get that money you need with the guarantee of your car.

Let’s start: …

  1. Choose where to apply: The first thing we have to do is decide where we will apply for this loan, for that it is advisable to visit a car pawn comparator.
  2. Ensure that it is a secure site: The second step would be to be sure that the website where we offer the loan for our car is a safe place and where our data are protected.
  3. Request an offer of commitment without commitment: The third step is to request an offer in writing for the commitment of our car, where all the details are well reflected.
  4. Compare the offer: The fourth step, always highly recommended, is to compare the offers (it is advisable, before deciding on a pawnshop, request offers in others).
  5. Do not rush to make a decision: The fifth step and no less important is to take the time to analyze all offers, see the details and decide based on them.
  6. Confirm our choice: Once we have decided with what offer we are going to stay, we must confirm it to the pawnshop in question.

With these six simple steps we can safely complete the loan with our car. Most of the process is done online, so confidentiality is more than guaranteed.

You’ll agree with me that it’s not that complicated either.

Pawn car without delivering

Empeñar coche sin entregarlo

After seeing what are the steps to mortgage a car you may be wondering … Can I pawn my car without delivering it?

The answer is that, if you can mortgage your car without having to leave it in deposit , there are some pawnshops that allow you this option.

The effort of car without deposit is a reality that allows users to mortgage their vehicle without having to stop using it every day.

This is a good option for many people who work with your car and can not afford to leave it on deposit.

So to mortgage your car and continue using it is possible, find out how to do it in IbanCar .

Pawn of cars over 10 years

One obstacle that users usually find when trying to mortgage their car is that cars over 10 years old can not be used.

So … How to pawn a car more than 10 years old?

If your vehicle is more than 10 years old and you need to use it as collateral for a loan there is an option that can help you.

In Spain, a financial company offers loans for vehicles over 10 years old and offers up to 70% of its market value.

I recommend that you read the article ” Loan for your car over 10 years ” will help you better understand how these types of loans work and you will also discover what their advantages are.

If you find yourself in this situation I recommend you request information ➜ Request Information Free

Opinions on car pawn

If you still have doubts about the practicality of mortgaging your car or do not analyze some opinions about car payroll in Spain.

Knowing what users think that they have used this service can help you decide if it is good for you.

Let’s see some opinions rescued from the user experience service:

  • 06/02/2018 | ✓ I got the money I needed in 48 hours and I still use my car to go to work, I am in the asnef
  • 06/08/2018 | ✘ I have tried to pawn my car to get € 5,000 that I need but everyone tells me that my car is very old
  • 06/10/2018 | ✓ I never thought about mortgaging my car but when I was about to lose my house because it left several letters of the mortgage I help pay the debt and not lose it, I heartily recommend that if you need a quick rate this is a good option to get it
  • 06/14/2018 | ✓ I just pawn the car and I got € 4,000 while I was at the asnef and my bank told me that I did not even get one euro
  • 06/17/2018 | ✓ my car is 12 years old and you can still use it as a guarantee of my loan, thank you very much for the help
  • 06/20/2018 | ✓ Mortgaging my car helped me to repay my outstanding debts and have another opportunity to direct my economy
  • 07/03/2018 | ✘ Canary Islands do not accept requests

Do you already know how to pawn your car on the Internet?

As a summary of this article the question would be … Do you already know how to pawn your car on the Internet?

We have been talking about how you can pawn or mortgage a car through the Internet.

We have also learned which are the best car pawn shops in Spain and what are their main characteristics.

We have discovered some alternatives to mortgage a car, and how we can benefit from these alternatives.

I hope it has helped you to understand a little more how this topic works, if you have doubts you already know that I will gladly answer them.

If you like the article, I’d appreciate it if you share it on your favorite social networks.