Mallorca-Police: Protection for rental cars abroad

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Where does the name Mallorca-Police come from?

With your own car difficult to reach, but best to explore on four wheels: Mallorca is the typical holiday destination where German tourists like to rent a car. Thus, in reference to the popular Mediterranean island, the name “Mallorca Police” emerged. The official title is “Insurance for the use of foreign, insurable vehicles”.

However, since the nickname is much more catchy, he has even prevailed in the insurance policy in their contract terms. However, the expression can also be confusing, because the additional insurance is by no means only on the Spanish island, but in the entire European foreign countries. As soon as you rent a car somewhere on the continent, a conclusion of the Majorca policy theoretically in question for you. The worldwide equivalent is the Traveler Police.

Why should I conclude a Majorca policy?

The German legislator has set minimum cover amounts for the motor vehicle liability insurance, which amounts to 7.5 million euros for personal injury and 1.12 million euros for property damage. Almost all German insurance companies exceed this minimum standard with their tariffs significantly, the extended coverage is depending on the provider usually between 50 and 100 million euros. Motorists who cause an accident in this country can therefore almost always assume that their insurance fully bears the financial consequences.

In other European countries that looks quite different. It can therefore be very risky to rely as a vacationer alone on the car insurance of the rental car, which may not pay beyond the applicable statutory minimum coverage. The border can be clearly exceeded, especially if other people are harmed and permanently dependent on treatments and support in everyday life. In the worst case, the accident causer threatens financial ruin.


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Legal minimum coverage

The minimum statutory cover for motor vehicle liability is only so high in very few countries that motorists can rely on them with a clear conscience. In some states, however, it is even so low that a deductible for major damage is very likely. These are the countries with the lowest minimum coverage:

place country Personal injury per accident Property damage per accident
1 Turkey 421,379 EUR 16,855 EUR
2 Greece EUR 1 million EUR 1 million
3 Czech Republic EUR 1.35 million EUR 1.35 million
4 Italy EUR 2.5 million 500,000 euros
5 Switzerland EUR 4.1 million EUR 4.1 million
6 Liechtenstein EUR 5 million EUR 1 million
7 Poland EUR 5 million EUR 1 million
8th Romania EUR 5 million EUR 1 million
9 Slovak Republic EUR 5 million EUR 1 million
10 Slovenia EUR 5 million EUR 1 million
comparison Germany EUR 7.5 million EUR 1,12 million

Finally, as well as Turkey and Greece as popular travel destinations, Italy is also a country in which the minimum statutory cover of 2.5 million euros for personal injury and 500,000 euros for property damage is rather small.

In some countries, the coverage amounts are not capped:

place country Personal injury per accident Property damage per accident
1 France unlimited EUR 1,12 million
2 Great Britain unlimited EUR 1.21 million
3 Ireland unlimited EUR 1.21 million
4 Norway unlimited EUR 1.24 million
5 Finland unlimited EUR 3 million
6 Belgium unlimited EUR 100 million
7 Luxembourg unlimited unlimited

Increased risk of accidents abroad

But how likely is it that you cause a car accident on vacation? Even if you’ve had your driving license a long time ago and are traveling accident-free for years, you should not just rely on your ability to drive behind the wheel – especially abroad – when it comes to car accidents.

Here is an increased risk of accidents, because much is unfamiliar to you: The rental car is unfamiliar and also roads and terrain often make other demands on you than the circumstances at home. In addition, it is almost impossible to familiarize yourself in advance with all road signs and traffic rules. The increased accident risk, which results, makes the conclusion of a Majorca policy for all tourists makes sense who take a rental car abroad.

And if you always spend your holidays in Germany? In Germany, you do not need additional protection for rental cars. But it is still worth considering the Mallorca clause. Although many policyholders argue that they do not need such protection because they do not rent a car abroad. However, when it comes to this, it is usually forgotten to take out a suitable insurance cover.


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Where can I conclude a Majorca policy?

The term “Mallorca clause” suggests it already: The additional insurance for rental cars can be concluded as part of the regular motor vehicle liability insurance for your own car. In some rates this clause is automatically included, in others it must be explicitly added. If you are planning a trip abroad and are not sure whether you already have a Majorca policy, be sure to check the terms and conditions of your motor vehicle liability insurance – to avoid double insurance.

If you find that a Majorca policy is not part of your motor vehicle liability, you have two options: Most insurers offer the additional insurance in principle, so you can ask your provider for a supplement or another tariff. The Majorca policy alone costs as a supplement often only 8 to 15 euros extra per year. If the higher tariff is also accompanied by a higher coverage amount, this is sometimes only a few euros more expensive – but larger price jumps are possible. Here a comparison is recommended.

Tip: Take no-claims discount for your motor vehicle liability

Check if claiming the Majorca policy would affect the no-claims discount on your motor vehicle liability insurance for your own car. This should not be the case. In the contract terms, it is excluded by a passage such as: “Despite notification of a loss event, the contract is considered to be free of damage if one of the following conditions exists. […] These are merely compensation or provision for damages for the Majorca Police “.

If you can not find a comparable clause in your contract, ask your car insurance provider for safety.

Alternatively, you can also complete the Mallorca policy separately with another provider. The price in this case depends mostly on the period of validity. Finally, the ADAC points out that the Mallorca policy may already be included if you book your rental car by credit card.

Scope and validity of the Majorca policy

As a rule of thumb, you can remember that the Mallorca policy applies throughout Europe. However, not all providers define this area the same. So it may be that one insurer only includes the EU area, while the tariff of another includes not only all European countries, but also non-European Mediterranean countries such as Tunisia. Furthermore, in countries such as Turkey and Russia, the question arises as to whether, in addition to the European one, the Asian part will also be covered by the tariff. If you have appropriate travel plans, you should consider offers.

You should also look at the terms of the contract, which drivers are covered by the insurance. In addition to the policyholder, his spouse or partner is often included. If, for example, you also want to leave the rental car to friends or your children, please discuss this in advance with your insurer.

The validity of the Mallorca policy varies from provider to provider and is often between one and three months from the rental of the rental car. In the case of a separately concluded insurance policy, you may have the choice of how long the insurance cover should last – for an additional charge, longer validity periods are also possible.

Good to know: Worldwide Policies for the USA and Co.

If you need insurance coverage similar to the Majorca policy for the US and other non-European countries, you should take out a traveler’s policy. This covers almost worldwide, only developing and crisis countries are often excluded from the insurance.


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Insurance coverage of the Majorca policy

As explained at the beginning, the Majorca policy is an additional insurance that is intended to close an insurance gap. If a rental car that you borrow abroad is underinsured in an accident, the provider of the Majorca policy pays the difference between the cover and the sum insured. Up to what amount he jumps, you can see the respective contract terms. Coverage is usually between 8 and 15 million euros per damaged person and 50 to 100 million euros for property damage.

If the damage sum is covered by the car insurance of the rental car, the additional insurance will not be used.