Emov teaches us how to charge and fix your electric cars

Emov teaches us how to charge and fix your electric cars


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  • There are two Emov operations centers in Madrid, one in Paseo de la Habana and the other in Doctor Esquerdo street.
  • The Emov team consists of about 135 people, 90 of them are responsible for the vehicles.
  • The first thing that is done when an unloaded car arrives is to check it and clean its interior.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: We show you the Emov operations center in images.

 Emov operations center in Doctor Esquerdo street, Madrid. LEIRE PÉREZ

They invaded the streets of Madrid with 500 cars since December 19, 2016. Now, six months later, Emov can boast of having more than 100,000 users. They have a fleet of 500 Citroën C-Zero 100% electric four seats with a rate of 0.19 euros per minute. A business model that inevitably compares with car2go. A company that operates in different cities in Europe and that in Madrid has a fleet of 500 Smart Fortwo at 0.21 euros per minute.

But Madrid has room for both and the figures of Emov prove it; the two companies are currently operating at 100% in the capital and everything points to the growth of both companies in the coming months. Carsharing already has its place in European cities and the awareness of the use of electric vehicles does not stop growing.

car2go did not want, for company policy, to show its loading method We know how these companies work from the outside, but many people ask themselves what their internal cycle is on a day-to-day basis. What about cars that have low battery? Who moves the cars and loads them? Where is the operational base of these companies? In 20minutos.es we got in touch with car2go and Emov to answer these questions. Emov has opened the doors to us to know his ins and outs, but car2go alleged that by company policy he could not teach us or tell us how they work. The only information that car2go gave us was the following:

“In order to support and develop a future electric mobility in the use of shared cars of flexible fleet, in car2go they decided to start with a totally new charging infrastructure, organized in recharging hubs. This unique model shows how the challenges of starting a service with a large number of electric vehicles can be solved. Many cities do not have a charging infrastructure or allow only slow charging. This new charging infrastructure based on recharging hubs allows car2go to offer a better service to its customers by increasing the availability of cars, reducing the loading time to only an hour. “

The Emov fleet


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Emov has two operations centers or HUBS in Madrid, one in Paseo de la Habana and another in Doctor Esquerdo street . We have visited that of Doctor Esquerdo, located in the building of one of the largest concessionaires in Spain, that of the PSA group. To this center of operations arrive the cars with little or no battery and cars damaged or that have suffered an accident . In addition, in these two operations bases there is also a small mechanical workshop for the maintenance of the fleet of 500 vehicles of Emov.

The field workers are the people who collect and leave the cars of the Emov fleet , in total 90 operators. When an Emov car has less than 15% battery (remember that the battery capacity is 16 kWh) disappears from the map of available cars and begins the work of the field operators. In the event that the car is 0% battery, it is the crane that is responsible for taking the car to the base, which is a charge of 75 euros for the person who has left without a battery.

Leave the car without a battery is a charge of 75 euros The cycle begins in the operations center, this is where the operator takes one of the cars loaded at 100% and takes it to the point where there is an Emov that needs to be charged. The place where the Emov was without a battery is occupied by the loaded car and ready to use.

The field agent takes the other car to the nearest operation center, Paseo de la Habana or Calle Doctor Esquerdo. Once inside, the first step is to check the car inside and out . They make sure that the last person who rented it has not caused any damage and that the documentation and equipment of the vehicle are intact.

Loaded 80% in 30 minutes


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Once the revision is made, the ground operator cleans the car inside , this is done each time a downloaded Emov arrives at the base of operations. The next step is to put it in the fast loading points; in case they are all occupied, they will connect to the slow charge in which the charging process can last 8 hours. The fast charging points used by Emov are CIRCUTOR ultra-fast charging stations, which can charge electric vehicles to 80% in 15-30 minutes .

Once the car is loaded, the cycle begins again, the cars that are already loaded wait in the bases of operations for the workers to take them to the street and take the place of one unloaded. On other occasions, loaded cars are placed in areas where the company believes that the demand for vehicles is high. A cycle that does not rest and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .